14 Smart Marketing Tips (From People Just Like You)

We’re always on the lookout for helpful marketing tips to boost our business. Get ready to take notes because HubSpot asked 14 experts in their field for their very best marketing tips — and then compiled an “ultimate list.”

We’ve shared two of these tips below:

“On the value of customer trust …

‘I define sales as a meaningful transaction between two human beings, so before asking for anything, a customer’s trust must be earned. Brands need to build narratives that align with their organization’s values and then communicate those values to their customers. This leads to increased trust which then translates to brand advocates. Look at the passion of Beyoncé fans or Harley Davidson riders — those brands have created an identity that makes people feel like they’ve added value.’

— Amanda Slavin, CEO & Founder of CatalystCreativ

On customer experience before the purchase …

‘In 2019, customer experience initiatives will become inseparable from marketing strategy. Today’s customer wants a consistent, multichannel experience with a brand, and as marketers, we have to make sure we’re meeting customers where they are. By making valuable connections throughout the buyer’s journey, we build a positive long-term relationship. Customer experience is no longer something that happens after the sale: it’s an integral part of the buyer’s journey.’

— Patrika Alis, Customer Experience Marketing Manager at Hanzo”

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