100 Million People Are on Snapchat — Are You?

We wrote about 10 Brand Doing Snapchat Right. In this Fast Company article, Elizabeth Segran highlights five companies that started using Snapchat when it launched in 2011 — and they’ve reaped (and continue to reap) the benefits.

According to Segran, Snapchat “has more than 100 million daily users who spend an average of half an hour on the app every day. … Although the service still skews toward the millennial set — 60% of all 13- to 34-year-old smartphone users are on the platform — 14% of Snapchat’s user base is over 35. All of this results in 10 billion video views every single day.”

Each of the five startups share one of their tips for creating content to grow their audience. Maybe there’s one or two you can use! We’ve picked out two of them below, then head over to Fast Company to read the rest.

“Focus on Storytelling, Not Sales

While Snapchat has been an effective way to drive sales, Bob Wolfley, [who runs social media at the underwear company MeUndies,] says that it is very important for brands not to make a hard sell through their snaps. After all, Snapchat users are on the platform to chat with their friends and be entertained; they’re not necessarily in a shopping mindset.

Instead, the MeUndies team is entirely focused on storytelling. Wolfey’s job is a lot like a filmmaker’s. Every week, he creates storyboards and plots, finds actors and locations, then films the snaps. … To ensure that the channel communicates the essence of MeUndies, Wolfey has created a personification of the brand. … He wants to portray MeUndies as fun, relatable, and an upstart in the underwear industry.”

Timely Is Better Than Perfect

Casper is an e-commerce company that sells beds but views itself as a lifestyle brand focused on sleep. A year ago, the company joined Snapchat to give people more insight into the world of the brand.

‘When we launched the company, we entered a very boring space,’ says Lindsay Kaplan, Casper’s VP of communications. ‘Mattresses are not something that people usually get jazzed about. We wanted to use Snapchat to highlight the character and the voice of a brand that was very different.’

She’s found Snapchat to be a very effective way to do this, particularly because it is much less polished than other social platforms. While the culture on Instagram is to post beautiful, highly stylized pictures, Snapchat favors organic videos taken from mobile phones. It gives viewers an honest glimpse into a brand’s world that isn’t overly edited.”

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