10 Ways to Get to Know Your Customers Better

"Audience," © 2015  Christophe Benoit, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

“Audience,” © 2015
Christophe Benoit, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Do you know what your customers love and loathe, fear or anticipate? This is just one of the questions Entrepreneur contributor Jayson Demers asks in his article listing 10 ways to know your target audience. We’ve highlighted four ways below, and then read about the rest here.

Challenge your assumptions. The first step is the most important, since it may even help you redefine your target audience. Don’t assume anything. Let’s say you’ve decided your target market is middle-aged women. Why? You may have gone even further, assuming certain styles or directions of messaging appeal to them.

But don’t take any of this for granted. Unless you have more than anecdotal evidence backing up your claim, ditch it.

Look to your competitors. Your competitors may have already done such market research and put it into action. If they target the same audience you do, observe and learn from the way they write and advertise to their potential customers.

If they don’t, look for ways that you can distinguish yourself.

Look to other popular products and services. Look for products and services that your target audience is already using — unrelated to your industry. How do these brands position themselves? What kinds of messaging do they use?

Examine interactions with your brand. You can use social listening software, and tap into Google Analytics to examine user behavior on your site. Evaluate how your target demographics are interacting with your brand: Do you get lots of blog comments and social shares? Use this data to fine-tune your approach.”

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