10 Reasons to Applaud Open-Air Theater

open-airtheatreOutdoor productions are getting better box-office receipts, attracting new audiences and posing more interesting artistic challenges, according to Kitty Knowles & Nick Clark’s article in The Independent.

You should read the entire article, but here are 10 reasons (picked from the article) why open-air theater is becoming more popular with everybody — audiences, actors, directors, producers.

1. A wider variety of shows being staged

2. Informality of the performances

3. Novelty of seeing a play in an unusual and beautiful location

4. Low cost

5. Actors have a very tangible relationship with the audience with lots of interaction

“The audience are bringing picnics; they are not in a dark room being shushed, and they’re bringing their families along.” –Nancy Davies, Chester’s Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre

6. Different set of tools (fire, water, height for juggling — these aren’t always possible in indoor venues)

7. Accessibility

8. Performances help to foster a sense of community

9. Atmosphere of an outdoor venue

10. Picnics!

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