10 Brands Doing Snapchat Right

We’ve previously talked about Snapchat and how your organization can get started using it to connect with a (mainly) younger crowd. But if you’re looking for some examples of individuals and brands that are getting the most out of the app, Inc.com has rounded up a list of 10 great accounts to follow and emulate. Click here for the full list and check out our favorites below:snapchat-stock-0973.0.0

“Gary Vaynerchuk (garyvee)

When Gary Vaynerchuk recommends a marketing platform, you know you should pay attention. He’s been pushing the benefits of Snapchat for years (and has disclosed his investment in the app), and even produced an infographic to show how to divide content between Facebook, Twitter and the temporary content platform. Look out for the way he uses the platform to deliver calls to action; because Snapchat content disappears quickly, those CTAs come with inbuilt urgency.

Joel Comm (joelcomm)

Keynote speaker and Twitter Power author Joel Comm shows how it’s possible to use multiple social media platforms without repeating content. The videos and photos that he posts to Snapchat add an additional level of spontaneity to the engagement he wins on Facebook and Twitter. Whether educational, inspirational or outright entertaining (which is more frequent), follow him on Snapchat and compare the content he shares there to the posts and tweets he uploads on the other sites.

Aer Lingus (aerlingus)

Airlines have become famous for their pioneering delivery of customer service on Twitter. Aer Lingus was the first to make the move to Snapchat, using it entirely as a promotional channel. They share live content from events such as inaugural flights, take followers into cockpits and create stories with clear narratives.

Amazon.com (amazon)

Amazon has taken Gary Vaynerchuk’s time-limited calls to action to its logical conclusion. The store uses its stream to share gift ideas, recommendations and exclusive deals. The offers last seconds but a click puts the product straight in the shopping basket.

Marriott Hotels (marriotthotels)

When Marriott Hotels joined Snapchat, it skipped the ads and partnered with four influencers to co-create content. The strategy was content, community, commerce… especially from millennials. The influencers discussed the best cities to visit with users then shared stories from those locations. One influencer got to travel to Haiti to show the opening of the company’s new hotel and the country’s recovery from the 2010 earthquake. Follow Marriott to see how a brand turns content into sales.”

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