#TBT: One-Step Strategy for Success: Be Awesome, Part II

Happy #TBT! Here’s Part II to last week's oldie-but-goodie post from Jim: One-Step Strategy for Success: Be Awesome. In Part I, Jim comments on a Bob Lefsetz article about the troubled state of music and the music business. Jim offers that Lefsetz's remedy is better music.And maybe Bob’s right: Just make better music. Just don’t suck. Just be great. Which is easy, if, you know, you’re great. Hey, Beatles, just make great music!“Righty-o, old chap. How many No. 1s...

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The Experience Economy and Live Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Recently, I saw one of my favorite live bands, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Probably best known for their appearance in the movie Swingers back in the mid-'90s and a couple of hits from the brief swing resurgence of the same time, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy has eight members, all of whom have been with the band for the entire 25 years they’ve been together.And even though they’re not exactly a household name, they packed a club, whose footprint is...

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The Top Broadway Shows, As Sorted By Revenue Per Seat — Week Ending April 23

Here are the top Broadway shows last week, ranked by Revenue Per Seat – the one and only metric marketers should use to determine the success of their efforts. Why? Average Ticket Price doesn’t tell the whole story when empty seats are NOT factored into the equation.To determine RPS, we divided the grosses by venue capacities. Highlighting RPS demonstrates a different and more interesting story about which shows can bring in value per seat versus simply being big, because...

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Mobile Gets You Everyone

Let’s talk about the importance of good mobile technologies for live entertainment marketers. We’ve been investing in it for years because mobile technology via smartphone is the dominant consumer platform and will be for at least 5 or 10 years.Compared to desktop computers, mobile is relatively new, and as a result, those adopting it first tended to be younger than those adopting it later. But at this stage, we are not at the beginning of the adoption curve for smartphones. We’re much nearer...

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Social Media

How Much Time Does Your Audience Spend on Social Media?

The answers to this question may shock you. Apparently, you'll probably spend more time on social media than eating and drinking. Check out how much time your audience spends on YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter in the infographic below, which was posted on MarketingProfs and created by MediaKix.Got a comment or question? Join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

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