The Top Broadway Shows, As Sorted By Revenue Per Seat — Week Ending Aug. 20

Here are the top Broadway shows last week, ranked by Revenue Per Seat – the one and only metric marketers should use to determine the success of their efforts. Why? Average Ticket Price doesn’t tell the whole story when empty seats are NOT factored into the equation.To determine RPS, we divided the grosses by venue capacities. Highlighting RPS demonstrates a different and more interesting story about which shows can bring in value per seat versus simply being big, because...

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Customer Service

Everything’s Easy When It’s Not Your Problem

Imagine you’re heading to the airport. It’s going to be a long line to check-in, a long wait at the gate, and a long, crowded flight. Not only that, but at the end of that flight is a connection … and then another wait at the gate, another long crowded flight. And when you get there? You’ll stand around that metal carousel and wait for your little bag to come sliding down the chute, so you can head out...

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How Hamilton Stays Hot: Your Face on the $10 Bill

We mentioned selfies on Monday, and here they come up again. Hamilton continues to be the talk of the town with its app. According to Engadget:"The Official App has just about everything a fan could ask for including $10 ticket lotteries, a merch store, stickers and updates from Lin-Manuel Miranda himself. And yes, you can even put yourself on the $10 bill ... "So, I guess we have to ask: Have you incorporated selfies into your patron's experience?Got a...

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#TBT: 3 Ways You’re Wrong About Live Entertainment, Part II

Happy #TBT! Here’s an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim: 3 Ways You’re Wrong About Live Entertainment, Part II. (Read Part I.)Beyond the flippant title of this post, there lurks a serious purpose: to dispel some of the most damaging and widely held misconceptions about the business. If you need to catch up, go back and look at Misconception No. 1: New technologies are making actually going out a thing of the past.Now that we’re all together, on to …Misconception No. 2:...

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Bright Ideas

Live Entertainment’s Ahead of the Curve in the Meaning Economy

Blogger and branding expert Bernadette Jiwa shared an interesting idea over on her blog, The Story of Telling: "In the 1950s and 60s when my parents were entering the workforce they created value by working with their hands in an Industrial Economy. Workers manufactured and moved things that would be consumed. In the era of the Information Economy, we began using our heads to produce value. We learned to use computers to design, code and connect. Today we’re seeing a...

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